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About MattyB (Biography)

Matthew David Morris is a young rapper who began their career at the age of 7 years. Even as a five-year boy was interested in rap.

Matthew was born on January 6, 2003 in Duluth. His stage name is MattyB or MattyBraps. MattyB lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Currently, the boy learns to sing from the same teacher who taught celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Usher. MattyBraps creates mainly cover songs of other famous authors such as Ice Ice Baby from the repertoire of Vanilla Ice, Boyfriend – Justin Bieber, What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction, Gangnam Style – Psy etc. MattyBraps also creates a authors songs like: I Believe in You MattyBRaps Remix, I’m MattyB, The Royal Wedding Song, Burnout ft. Trailer Choir and many more.

MattyB leading his videoblog on YouTube. He also uses other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where contact with the fans and announces new singles and events. Undoubtedly MattyB is already very famous person and has a lot of fans, especially among younger people. His videos on YouTube have millions of views and his channel has almost 7 million subscriptions. It is no wonder that many people would like to have direct contact with him. We managed to get MattyB phone number and decided to share with you. You have to remember, do not abuse MattyB cell phone and do not make stupid jokes.

MattyB Phone Number (Our conversation)

MattyB phone number

Probably many of you would like to have direct contact with MattyB. We have good news for you, we have obtained a new MattyB phone number! But before you start using this number you should know a few rules. Do not abuse MattyBRaps phone number, because it will be changed. You can call only in the evening. In the morning and in the afternoon only send sms. Do not use profanity, be nice. We also introduced some security features to protect against abuse. Before getting MattyB’s phone number, you must complete one free offer and then you’ll see the number.

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54 thoughts on “MattyB Phone Number 2021 – Cell Number & Proof”

  1. Hi I’m anushka and I’m a really great fan of yours mattyb you’re songs are amazing and I really want to see your consent some time that song you sing about TRUE COLOURS are really touched by all of us believe me well keep in touch ♥

  2. Hi matty b I am one of your biggest fans and i love you. i wish i could come and visit you someday. I would like to go to one of your concerts but they are to far away. i live in gillespie Illinois and that is to far away for me. I love you.

  3. Mattyb your so cool when I do my homework I sometimes listen to California Dreamin, My oh my, stereo hearts true colors, and turn up the track but that’s not it I listen to more

  4. I am your biggest fan ever I go to all of ur concerts????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Hey Matt there are no words to describe how amazing you are. I live in Kingston TN which is pretty close to Oak Ridge and Tennessee is pretty close to Atlanta Georgia. So maybe I will get to meet you one day.

  6. Hi Matty this is Rose and you can call me Rosy or whatever you want to call to me and I’m so addicted about you love your music videos I’m proud of you!!

    1. Oh hi MattyB i am u number 1 biggest fan of all i just want to say i love what u do and of u want to take a trip to fl lake worth u can and i will find u and we can talk i also have a very great voice and a pretty good dancer and actor

  7. I love your videos.your awesome,really funny ,really good at singing. I hope you make lots more videos???????????P.SYour my favourite YouTuber out of all the youtubers your my all time favourite Can we be friends?Do you play any sports?I play hockey,lacrosse and I’m going to play volleyball.I eaten when’s to one of your concerts???

  8. Hi Matthew Morris you are good kid really cool and great friend you have new friend DJ Stalvey his birthday coming up soon December 9th please you come back to fort Myers FL USA 1675 McGregor reserve

  9. I love mattyb he is the one of my top favs I all ways said he is cute?????????????????????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤?????????????????????????????????????????????❤?????❤?????❤?❤?❤❤??????????????❤????????????❤?❤??????????????????????????????

  10. hey im a HUGE fan of MattyB and want to talk to him sooooo bad been wanting to since ive seen his very first video #numberonefan anyways if i grt a chance to talk to him omg it’d be a dream come true

  11. This is AMAZING MATTYB I love you and u make great videos by the way I am a Christian and I subscribe to all of your channels I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

  12. I watch your videos every day
    I love Blue skies, My oh my and friend zone
    Hope you can have a consert in Norway some time, please??
    If you gonna have I’ll come!!!!!!!!!

    To: MattyB
    From: Christina

  13. Hi Mattyb,I’m your BIGGEST fan in the world.I watch every single one of your videos on YouTube.I would like to chat with you on Facebook but I tried and I didn’t get true.
    Please tell the Hascak sisters,Justin and Liv I said hi.And please tell Gracie Hascak I text her on Facebook but she didn’t reply.My name on Facebook is Sharon Seymour. Please add me.
    If you don’t know,my name is Natalia Tonisha Seymour and I’m a Guyanese.Also I am 11years old and my birthday is 25 February. I am a Christian also.Bye thank
    Date:4 September 2016

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