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Demetria Devonne “Demi” Lovato, born August 20, 1992 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Demi Lovato is an extremely talented american singer and actress. She is also a director of music videos and lyrics writer. She has two sisters, older Dallas who is also an actress and singer, and younger Madison. Her father, Patrick Lovato and her mother, Dianna Hart divorced when Demi was 2 years old. Her stepfather is Eddie De La Garza. Her mother was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and country singer. Demi is the origin of the Spanish-Italian-Irish.


At the age of six Lovato began performing as an actress. Her first role was the character of Angela in the television series “Barney & Friends”. There, she met her friend Selena Gomez. In 2016, a young Demi appeared in an episode of Prison Break as Danielle Curtin. Then he appeared in the television sitcom “Just Jordan” as Nicole. In January 2007, she got the role of Charlotte Adams in the series “As the Bell Rings”, which started broadcasting in August 2007. It was the first production where a teenage girl presented her musical talent. Maybe not everyone knows, but Demi began studying singing and acting already as a little girl which certainly resulted future success.

Demi Lovato biography and career

Big breakthrough for the young artist was the year 2008, when Demi was cast as Mitchie Torres in “Camp Rock.” Her character is a teenage girl who dreams of becoming a singer. Three songs of the young singer has been placed on the soundtrack for this production. Then girl has signed a recording contract with Hollywood Records label, which allowed to appear on the music market. In November, was released compilation “All Wrapped Up” and on it was a new version of “Wonderful Christmastime” by Demi Lovato. Her first debut album “Don’t Forget” had its premiere in September 2008. She then invited to the cooperation between the other Jonas Brothers. Album achieved success and sold over 90,000 copies.

Demi Lovato is certainly a very talented artist who repeatedly collaborated with many famous artists like Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Chris Cornell, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and others. Demi’s songs are very popular on YouTube, there are tens and even hundreds of millions of views. She also has many fans around the world, and certainly many of them would like to contact with her. If you’re one of those fans, we have for you an interesting information. We have real Demi Lovato phone number and email, and we decided to share with other fans. If you are interested, you should read the following description.

Demi Lovato Phone Number & E-mail (Our conversation)

Demi Lovato Phone Number and Email Address

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Would you like to talk to Demi Lovato? Now it is possible. You can write to her e-mail, text message or even call. We gained new Demi Lovato’s phone number and email (2016), so we decided to share with you. Now many of you may have direct contact with it, but you must follow certain rules. None of you would want to be hounded often, so you should not overuse Demi Lovato e-mail and cell phone number. It is a private contact so we decided to make some difficulty, which make that number or email will not be changed. Probably you wondering how to get Demi’s contact. To get Demi Lovato phone number and email address, just click the link above.

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  1. Demi, if you can see this ……. that will be awesome!!!!!! I am one of your biggest fans. My biggest dream is to meet you face to face someday. And I know that it will not be easy. But, I’ll do whatever it takes for my biggest dream to come true. I can relate to your story a lot. I was being bullied when I was 12. So I started cutting myself every time they make fun of me. My parents found out what I was doing to myself so when I was 13, they sent me to undergo therapy. But ever since I heard your story it inspired me. I never knew that for someone who had a crappy past can turn out to be the most decent, inspiring person. Thank you Demi. You colored my life. Keep inspiring people and carry on.

  2. Hi Demi. My name is Mary Hall and I am just a gigantic fan and I just love your music, hair styles, clothes, and everything about. I was being bullied ever since I was little and every time I listen to your songs, it makes me become a stronger and more beautiful person on the inside and the inside. I would really love to meet you in person and I live here in Florida.

  3. Hi dem first of all can I call you dem just for short thanks my name isChayse I love ❤️ you so so much can’t wait for your new song if you make one by the way I love your song I don’t really care I really do love that song every time I hear the song I just can’t stop singing it. And I am also 9 years old.????❤️????????????????✌️????????????

  4. Hi Demi, first i want to say I’m a big fan and i love your music! Your music has gotten me through some really rough times. I’m actually going to go see you for the very first time with a very close friend of mine on march the 14 just 4 days before my birthday. I am so excited!. i wish i could meet you in person but the closest i can get is on the fifth section of the stadium because money is an issue. hopefully one day i can.
    LOVE A TRUE FAN! jacky

  5. I love you so much you were the one that inspired me to become a singer ever since this might be crazy but Camp Rock was the first movie i have ever watched and i loved it i used to sing the song This is Me all the time I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH

  6. HI i am annika, i love u so much i went to ur concert when i was 10. u were in portland Maine and i saw u and nick. it wa asome I LOVE U!!

  7. Demi I played ur game and I love ❤️ ur !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????and my sister love ????s u too!!!

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